Prayer of Saint Francis

Prayer of Saint Francis
Where there is hatred, let me sow love and, where there is darkness, let me bring light.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The History of Healing

After leaving the Mormon church, I began to hop from place to place, trying to find a new spiritual base. Nothing really worked until I got kicked out of my chair a year after my dad passed away from cancer. I believe he prompted me to visit the place I had been to so long ago.

I was once a patient care volunteer for Elizabeth Hospice. I was sent to sit with an elderly lady while her daughter visited her doctor. While at the house, I saw a pamphlet for Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association and was a little stunned to see that members believed in talking to dead people.

But after the initial shock, I realized how lovely it would be to contact that many people I knew who were on the other side. At fifty one years of age, I had already lost almost everybody I had ever known.

So on that day in 2011, I began to attend the healing and church services. Amazingly, it was the first time ever that I met people exactly like myself.

The mediums who gave spirit greetings were quick to point out that I had gifts. "You have the capacity to light a stadium" one medium said. Another emphasized, "You've got gifts but you let others hold you down." But perhaps it was Ray who gave me the most important message of all. "When I touch your aura, I feel electricity," he said, "If you are inclined that way, I believe you can do readings."

I was also told along the way that I was a healer. While I have taken classes at the Harmony Grove Institute, I have also embarked on my own course of study. As a result of recommendations on Amazon, I purchased the book, Hands on Healing by Jack Angelo. The following is a summary of the history of healing:

Angelo credits the Spiritualist religion for providing a place where could be practiced legally beyond the Christian church setting prior to 1951. "Healing owes a debt to spiritualism," Angelo says, "for fostering its development, but, in the public mind, this has led to the association of spiritual healing with the beliefs and practices of spiritualism. The fact is that some healers are spiritualists but many are not."

Angelo mentions that the most natural thing is to put a hand over a place which is hurting. "It may be over your own body, someone else's, or an animal's body, a plant or part of the living earth. The universal impulse arises from the truth that the hand has the power to heal. It is the basis of all healing."

"In ancient times," Angelo says, "there was no division between body, mind, and spirit so that energy was understood as a force which permeated this trinity. All things originated from the same spiritual source and this was the same source of healing energies."

Angelo goes on to blame the development of science and the shift in religious outlook, particularly in the west, for separating the spiritual from the material world. The two worlds, instead of penetrating each other and mingling with each other, became separated.

The persecution of psychics and healers outside the Christian church is also to blame. Much fear and ignorance surround our healing birthright.

Medicine and health have evolved without a spiritual base, attitudes to human beings and illness derived from current scientific thinking alone. By the seventeenth century, the Newtonian world view encouraged doctors to think of us as a series of mechanical systems controlled by a bio-computer, the brain. The soul part of us, Angelo says, if it existed at all was the domain of the Church. The coming of the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century, driven by scientific inventions, caused many thinkers to question the direction in which materialism was heading.

Eventually, the gift of healing was returned to the people and would soon be powerfully demonstrated. This would be accompanied by a reawakening to true spirituality which would herald a new age.

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