Prayer of Saint Francis

Prayer of Saint Francis
Where there is hatred, let me sow love and, where there is darkness, let me bring light.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pine Cone Pleasure

My heart plummeted when I saw the "check engine" light come on my dashboard. I was not actually seeing the red light, but the zero balance in my checkbook. I live in a remote part of Escondido, California. The nearest bus stop is two miles away and the nearest store is right around the corner. I have a problem with allergies and asthma. On a hot summer's day or even in the spring, I often gasp for breath while walking outside. With no one to ask for a ride and with no money for a cab, this health issue can create a big problem in my life.

My other half thought he could fix it. So while I waited for him to walk to an auto store, I walked down to the market to get bottled water. I took Willie, my foster terrier mix, on a leash and we had a pleasant walk in the sunshine with birds singing and only a few cars whizzing by.

The more exercise he gets, the calmer he is for the rest of the day so I was happy to see that he was starting to droop a little on the way home. He is a very active seven-month-old puppy and it is hard to get him to relax sometimes. As we approached the alley behind Home Depot, I inhaled the sweet scent of pine and saw a bazillion pine cones lying under a tall tree.

Remembering that in Southern California, these natural treasures are sometimes bagged and sold at craft stores, I dove in and gathered as many as I could stuff into my basket. They were unbroken and came in a variety of shapes and sizes. As I picked up each one, I was aware of the gentle breeze blowing on my face and the sun beaming down on my body. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought I was at a mountain retreat.

After I got home, I loaded them into an oblong basket and displayed them on a shelf. They looked as nice as any decorator item I've seen in stores and the best part is, they fill the room with a fresh aroma.

If my SUV hadn't broken down, I wouldn't have received the blessing of connecting with nature on that particular day so I am most grateful for the opportunity the Divine Spirit gave me.

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