Prayer of Saint Francis

Prayer of Saint Francis
Where there is hatred, let me sow love and, where there is darkness, let me bring light.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet My Spirit Neighbors

You may say that orbs are nothing more than specks of dust or drops of water on a camera lens, but the orbs I photographed on the night of the blue moon, say differently. I believe the spirits of my deceased neighbors were there to pay us a visit. In the photograph below, you can see five orbs if you look carefully. Five neighbors on that block have died in the twenty years since I moved to Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park. I knew them all well. If you look at the other photos taken in succession on August 20, you will see maybe one or two orbs at best. It seems strange to me that the water or specks of dust would come and go so quicky. It seems more likely that spirits would hover around those they've known and loved. Let's hope so...

Dorothy was a middle-aged woman who lived next door to me with her twenty-something daughter. I could hear the lady's racking cough as I lay in bed at night. After she passed away, her daughter moved and a middle-aged couple moved in. Their names were Oscar and Juanda. One day, I came home to find fire trucks out in front of my home. Oscar was in despair. He said he came home from a doctor's appointment to find Juanda dead in her bed.

Tom was a middle-aged man who lived in the home across the street from mine. I didn't see his mother much because she was sick and stayed inside most of the time. But she passed away while living there and Tom went to live in a group home.

Junior was a little boy about seven-years-old. He was the younger brother of my daughter's friend. He was wheel-chair bound for two years and slowly faded away as he was dying from a fatal disease.

And then there was Mary. Mary was a beautiful spirit who died in the mobile home located just under the bright moon in the photograph. She had cancer and her husband, Bob, asked the neighbors to keep the kids at play quiet during her last desperate days. Shortly after she passed, Bob moved away. These are the only people I can think of who have died on my block and died at home after prolonged illnesses and much too early.

I believe they are unhappy souls who are not yet ready to cross over to the spiritual realm.


If you want to know more about orbs, please go to the following link:

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