Prayer of Saint Francis

Prayer of Saint Francis
Where there is hatred, let me sow love and, where there is darkness, let me bring light.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Angels Watching Over Me

When the reverend dismissed the congregation, I picked up Daisy, my little Chihuahua, and headed for the door. Several people had been looking at us during the church service. Many people at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association love animals and it shows. The cats and dogs there have the brightest, freshest energy I've ever seen. That is why I have brought my foster dogs, the little ones anyway, to attend the services. I want them to pick up all the bright energy that they can, considering they have lead such tortured lives.

Daisy was the dog I wasn't supposed to adopt. I was just fostering her until she found a permanent home. But when it became obvious that she was planning to stay with me, I figured I'd work something out even though I really couldn't afford a third doggie mouth to feed. When I talked to the rescuer, she said that if I fostered more dogs for Fuzzy Feet Dog Rescue, she would reduce the adoption fee from $175 to $75.

I was all excited.

Her husband told her to give me the terrier. He seemed innocent enough. He was white and mixed with Schnauzer and only six months old. Even though he'd been with the rescue for months, there had been no takers. I seemed to be the perfect candidate to foster him because I can love any dog and love was what he needed. The rescuer pointed out he needed obedience training and once I got him home, he thrived on it. Like Daisy, he looked so happy to be with me!

I have a gift for working with dogs. When I volunteered at the county animal shelter, I was called "The Dog Goddess." Some people are amazed by what I can do, but it is all based on love and a lot of reading, not to mention sitting in stinky kennels with frightened dog for about twelve years.

As I was about to walk out the door of the chapel, this very pretty older lady with light golden hair and sparkling light blue eyes smiled at me and said, "You were born to work with dogs." I had never met her before, but I'm telling you honestly, people at the Grove have spiritual gifts and often can see right into my soul.

When I first brought Willie home, he didn't have a name. I sat on the floor with him, ran my hands through his hair, and stared into his eyes. His name came to me gradually. Wooly. William, no Willie!

The weeks dragged by and I tried everything to get him adopted. I place an ad in the paper, took him to adoption events, and talked to everybody I knew. He hardly got noticed at all. He wasn't a puppy, but he wasn't an adult. He seemed not to be what anybody wanted. I felt so sorry for him because he was a very sweet dog. And when a lady came to look at him and said he "had an old man's face," I just about clocked her. Ironically, so did she!

Anyway, I loved Willie and I told myself that my love was all that mattered. He would always have a home with me no matter what. I even was tempted to adopt him myself, but I just couldn't afford four dogs.

After a few weeks, I brought another dog home. Angelina was a two-year-old poodle mix that couldn't get arrested at adoption events. She was adorable and felt like a rag doll in my arms. I still miss holding her on her back and watching TV at night.

When I took her to the Healing Temple at Harmony Grove, she got so relaxed, she rolled off my lap and I caught her in mid-air. One of the ladies there, a very nice lady named Jill, later made a remark that the healings I did with her were amazing. I'm not bragging. I'm just grateful that someone noticed what I could do after all these years. Very few people have had the insight to acknowledge my gift because it is so subtle and they don't know how to do it themselves.

Now I had two dogs in my home that I loved but couldn't keep. It would have been all right if someone had wanted them, but like Willie, people overlooked Angelina. She was another dog that had fallen through the cracks, so to speak. Not a puppy, not an adult, not what anybody but me seemed to want.

But while in my care, Willie and Angelina developed a strong bond and were adorable together. Who needed a human when they had each other? They got really rowdy sometimes. They broke my new angel statue and chewed up my new router. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to replace these things, so the loss was painful. I bought them chew sticks so they wouldn't chew my socks. But with Gus, Red, Daisy, Willie, and Angelina in a mobile home with a very small yard, I thought I would go insane. Sometimes, dogs were going potty in my house up to five times a day! The foster dogs were not housetrained and then big Gus would come along and mark his territory. I was out of towels, out of dog shampoo and out of patience. After weeks, I couldn't go on anymore.

Willie and Angelina kept the other dogs aroused, but not in a sexual way, I mean that they were all too rowdy and wrestled a lot. I felt so guilty on the day I called the rescuer to say I couldn't keep them anymore. He was very understanding but I feel it is my calling to help the dogs that no one else wants. After a day or so, I e-mailed her again and said I'd take Willie back after the adoption event because he needed a lot of exercise or he'd start pacing and going nuts.

I have learned after all these years that I cannot save them all no matter how hard I try. I, like everyone else, have my limits and there is only so much I can do. Not wanting to give up altogether, I prayed for these little dogs by candlelight. I asked the angels about their fate and got a response in an angel card reading. I was told not to worry about them. They were more resilient than I gave them credit for and I was advised to put my worries in the hands of God.

The weekend passed and I did not hear from the rescuer again. I thought he might be mad at me because I wasn't willing to keep both dogs. Some rescuers are like that. They wouldn't have a big mess in their own houses, but they think it is fine to have a big mess in yours!

Thankfully, this rescuer was not like that. When I e-mailed an apology and asked if he was mad, he said nothing could be further from the truth. He said he had been really busy with his job and the adoption events and hadn't had time to tell me that both little dogs had gotten adopted by the same family! This news was too good to be true! More than I could have hoped for!

I feel very strongly that the Divine Spirit intervened on my behalf because of my great love for dogs. After all the tough times, many of which are not even mentioned here, my good works were not only acknowledged but rewarded. Thank you, Dear Spirit, for everything.

Willie on July 24, 2013

Angelina on July 25, 2013

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